Typography - Final Compilation and Reflection

Seoh Yi Zhen (0328497)
Final Compilation and Reflection




Fig. 1.1: Calligraphy.

Fig. 1.2: Lettering.

Fig. 1.3: Type expression (six verbs).

Fig. 1.4: Type expression (GIF).

Project 1 - A Story Book

Link to final design of Mr Babadook:

Embedded PDF of Mr Babadook.

Video of the animated storybook.

Fig. 2.1: Front cover of the hardcopy book.

Fig. 2.2: Pages 8 and 9.

Fig. 2.3: Pages 16 and 17.

Fig. 2.4: Last page of the book.

Project 2 - Font Design

Fig. 3.1: Completed letterforms.

Fig. 3.2: Generated font.

Final Project - Kinetic Typography

Fig. 4.1: Poster.

Fig. 4.2: Kinetic typography.


If I had to sum this module up in one word, it'd be "crazy". There were a lot of times where I doubted myself as a designer, and times where I felt completely lost because I couldn't understand the assignment. But I'm really glad that Mr Vinod kept pushing me, because it challenged me to even better than what I thought I could.

I realized that I grew a lot throughout this course, and I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation towards typography. I also understand more about the design process, and all the thoughts that go behind each and every decision made in designing.

Everything that I've learnt so far barely scratches the surface of this field. Learning more about typography just makes me wonder how people can take this art form lightly, because there is so much thought and careful consideration that goes into good typography. Besides that, I also appreciate criticism more now because I realized it really did help me improve faster.


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